Routine well exams and immunizations are the most important health promoting interventions we perform as health care providers. As parents, we have immunized our own children using the current immunization schedule and cannot recommend anything less for our patients.

NOTE: The following schedule is subject to change and is only a guide.

Birth - 1 Week

Weight Check

1 month


2 months

Exam, Dtap,Hib,IPV, Hep B, Prevnar, Rotateq

4 months

Exam, Dtap,Hib,IPV, Hep B, Prevnar,Rotateq

6 months

Exam, Dtap,Hib,IPV Hep B, Prevnar, , Rotateq

9 months

Exam,Hep B (if needed)

12 months

Exam, Varicella, Hep A, MMR

15 months

Exam, Prevnar ,HIB

18 months

Exam, Hep A,Dtap

2 years

Exam, Hemoglobin/Lead, Vision screen,Developmental screening

2.5 years

Exam,Vision Screen

3 years

Exam, Vision screen

4 years

Exam, Vision Screen, MMR, Varicella

5 years

Exam, Audio/Vision, DTaP, IPV

6 years


7 years

Exam,Vision screen

8 years

Exam,Vision and Hearing screen

9 years


10 years

Exam, Hearing, Vision

11 years

Exam, Tdap, Meningitis, Gardasil, 

12 years

Exam, Vision,Gardisil,PHQ-9 screen

13 years

Exam,PHQ-9 screen

14 years

Exam, PHQ-9 screen

15 years

Exam,PHQ-9 screen

16 years

Exam, Meningitis Booster,PHQ-9 screen

17 years

Exam,Menigitis B,PHQ-9 screen

18 years

Exam,Vision, PHQ-9 screen,Lipid screen

Additional Vaccines Available:

  • Flu (6 months of age and up)

Revised 3/2021

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